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Anonymous said: when did you learn about your aspergers?

When I was about 8 or 9 my mother asked my medical pediatrician if I had autism. Two reasons, 1) I had gotten vaccines that people thought caused it 2) I started having meltdowns almost every other day and made myself sick so I could stop going to school.

The vaccine thing is a common misconception so yeah. But my meltdowns were because I started going to a new school, became bullied, didn’t have any friends and my father had gotten married to someone who didn’t like me. So I would have it every other day, and I almost felt possessed. My mother worried she raised me wrong.

Okay sorry for getting off topic. I didn’t know much about aspergers or autism at all. In 7th grade we had a speaker in our class tell us to be cognizant of our Autistic classmates/schoolmates and realize that bright lights and noises can bother them, and at that point I thought to myself “what if I’m like that.”

Every kids have hobbies but for me my “special interests” were always compulsive obsessions. Astronomy , Teen Titans, Gwen Stefani(in her ‘harajuku girls’ thing) and Avatar the last airbender.

5th-6th grade it was Japanese street fashion, Avatar the Last Airbender and Documentaries

7th grade my mom bought me Train_Man(Densha Otoko) saga the book and that became my new “special interest” alongside Akiba/Otaku culture.

As of now my special interests are Akihabara Culture(socially and economically), documentaries and subcultures.

I’m sorry for giving you unwanted information.

Anyways, my father was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder but I think, and he thinks he’s actually on the spectrum. Okay so I took a ton of tests online and went to the doctor I ended up getting two psychologists saying I most likely have aspergers. Sorry for so much info dropping. I hope I explained it for you.

Anonymous said: It's okay to feel down and like some things just won't look great at all. You find what works for you and make it better while working to improve yourself with each step. little by little piece by piece you'll become a strong person, not because you have to but because you wanted to. you start small with your feet then work your way up. pretty soon you'll even be brave enough to look the devil in the eye

Thanks so much :) this really cheered me up. I talked with my mother and cried a bit and she helped me. I usually keep my feelings inside, but I allowed myself to be vulnerable.

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